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Healthy Curry Recipe

Healthy Curry Recipe in Easy to Follow Photographic Illustrations

If you're starting from scratch youíll need to stock up on your powders, buy these in the plastic packets and fill empty coffee or jam jars etc, rather than the little bottles.

Red chilli powder

Ground coriander powder (Indian name Dhaniya)

Cumin powder (Indian name Jeera)

Turmeric powder (Indian name Haldi)

Garam masala powder

Black pepper powder

Fennel seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Extra virgin olive oil or oil and butter

Tin of tomatoes

5 medium sized onions

1 garlic

1 ginger root

Green coriander

Green chillies

pressure cooker sized pan containing oil

Start with a pressure cooker sized pan on a medium heat, higher rather than lower. Add a medium sized cup of extra virgin olive oil or half a cup of oil and two knobs of butter. (sunflower or vegetable oil optional but not as healthy)

finely chopped onions

chopped onions in a food processer

Finely chop five medium sized onions. If youíre using a food processor donít let them become too mushy.

onions reducing in a pan of oil

Add the onions to your pan with one teaspoon of salt. Turn the heat up full and stir well with a wooden spoon when needed. If you are making a chicken curry, add the crushed fennel and fenugreek seeds while the onions are reducing then prepare your next ingredients.

ginger root and garlic bulb with tin of tomatoes

Peel and finely chop the ginger and garlic, open the tin of tomatoes and chop in the tin using a sharp knife or use chopped tomatoes.

chopped tomatoes garlic and ginger in a food processer

If you're using a food processor chop the ginger and garlic first. Then add the tomatoes to the garlic and ginger and chop them together.

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